Monday, September 30, 2013

Makeup Monday : Benefit Concealers and Primers

Welcome to Makeup Monday! I had every intention of creating my own YouTube beauty channel but I decided to wait until I bought my new computer to start editing and filming!
Here is a little Benefit haul full of concealers and primers. Benefit Cosmetics is probably one of my favorite makeup brands. I love everything from the packaging to the product itself.
Shoppers Drug Mart now offers Benefit in their beauty boutique section, so it's nice to not always have to go to Sephora to buy this brand.
When I went into Shoppers Drug Mart my intentions were to buy the Fake Up concealer (even though I didn't need it) and The POREfessional primer. I had already bought the Erase Paste a few months back, but never mentioned it in my blog, so I decided to add it in my haul.

First up : Fake Up

I loved how it has a moisturizer around the concealer. I have super dry skin and I hate when I'm dry around my eyes and then when I try to apply makeup it gets all cakey and gross. I loved how this moisturized but at the same time concealed my under eyes. It is super moisturizing, so much that I didn't like using it in the summer. I felt it would just slide off my face or rub off quickly. I love it now however that it's getting colder and my eyes are starting to look tired and dry. I like to mix this with another concealer and I love the benefits of the moisturizing effects. With regards to it concealing, it does a really good job, however I think Boi-ing (their other concealer) is better for coverage.
I still love this concealer because I like to mix it with others.

Next Concealer : Erase Paste

Again, this concealer is very moisturizing. Not as much as Fake Up because Erase Paste is more "pasty" which again, I don't like using in the summer. I feel its too cakey in the summer so I stick with this for winter. However I must admit if I were to pick Erase Paste verse Fake Up, I would pick Fake Up. Erase Paste can be a bit too much for what I need. However, if you need some dark circles covered this baby will do the job.
Between the concealers I have tried I prefer Boi-ing, then Fake Up and keeping Erase Paste last. I will still use up all these concealers because they are still great concealers!!

First for primers : That Gal

When I went into Shoppers my intention was to buy The POREfessional and ended up leaving with That Gal. I was so mad I didn't end up getting the POREfessional but the lady working said I didn't have big pores and should try That Gal. I loved how That Gal had a brightening aspect to the primer but when I went home I realized I like the consistency of The POREfessional better. I still think That Gal is great and I could definitely see my face was brighter which is always great for when my skin gets dull in the winter. That Gal felt like a moisturizer more than a primer. My makeup wasn't smooth to apply like The POREfessional but it did keep my makeup on all day.

The lady at Shoppers Drug Mart ended up giving me a sample of The POREfessional which I wasn't sure was a good thing, because I preferred it way more than That Gal. I do have black heads on my nose which I hate and this covered them up completely. It actually evened everything out and made my skin flawless. I barely even had to put on any concealer or highlighter.
In the end yes, I wish I bought The POREfessional but I will use That Gal up because of the brightening aspect. 

The lady also gave me a sample of Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation and it's great. I usually don't wear foundation as I usually don't need it and I hate caking makeup all over my face. If I were to buy anything it would be something very light and sheer, which this one is. I loved it and although the colour was slightly darker than my pale skin, I blended it to work. The combination of The POREfessional and this on top is absolutely stunning. My face looked fake and flawless but in a good way haha. It was very light but also gave a nice coverage and I'm pretty much sold on repurchasing this in a bigger size. I also love to get samples of foundations because they usually break me out. It's nice to see if this one will break me out before spending money on a full size. So far, so good!

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What are your favorite Benefit products!?
-Sydney xo

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