Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Treats

I hope all my fellow Canadians had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
As I write this I'm currently in a food coma watching Hocus Pocus with the family. Thanksgiving was exactly what I had hoped for, full of family and food!! 
Usually every year for most holidays I bake a fun cake or cupcakes. This year I wanted to try out a few different treats. I have been obsessed with Pinterest, like most people I know and I stumbled upon a few recipes I wanted to try out. You can check them out, plus more of my pins on my 'fall' board (here)
I started the baking yesterday to have my special cake all set for today!
Here is what you will need..
I didn't have orange food colouring so I mixed the yellow and red I had. More yellow, less red.
I didn't go crazy on how orange the icing would be, because I just decorated the whole cake with candies anyways. 

Once the two pans of cakes had baked and cooled, I made sure to put icing in the middle and once together, smeared the rest of the icing all over the cake.

This was the end result. I actually had less candy corn on the cake originally, but had some left overs and decided to go all out.

Baking while watching Casper made for a wonderful Saturday night.

Thanksgiving Monday I started the day off with homemade Vegan Pumpkin Hot Chocolate.
I found this recipe on Pinterest which you can find (here)

There is definitely more ingredients with this recipe, but once all together in a pot, it takes 2 minutes to boil.

Finish it off with some festive mugs and whip cream and you are all set.
I really enjoyed this treat. I'm so glad I found this recipe because it will be a go to for chilly fall nights.

This was the table d├ęcor I set up for my family thanksgiving. I found this random pumpkin with no top and added some old flowers my mom had, that my sister sent her a while ago. Added the gourds my mom and I bought when we went pumpkin picking and we were all set.

Thanksgiving would not be complete without pumpkin pie and whip cream.
The other treat I was going to try out would have been these mini pumpkin pies. It seemed a little bit more labor intensive, so I opted for a store bought pie instead.

Another recipe I found on Pinterest was Warm Apples with Ice Cream.
Although this recipe is very straight forward, you can check out this website for more details (here) 

First cut the top of the apples and hollow them out. Coat them in cinnamon and brown sugar. Place them in a butter filled pan and let them warm and soften.

Once they are ready, fill them with cold ice cream and top them off with caramel sauce. Enjoy the yummy ice cream and the apple :)

I hope everyone had a food filled day.
For anyone that has yet to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope these treats can inspire you to create them yourself for whatever occasion you choose.

-Sydney xo

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