Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mad for Plaid

 Here is my look for today!

I truly feel like my ultimate self when I wear outfits like these. As much as I love the beautiful summer weather and bikini season, fall fashion is where I feel most at home. I'm so excited for tons of denim this fall, plaid shirts, chunky scarves, red lipstick and blazers. I already have my outfit ideas running through my brain and I'm so excited to share all my outfits. Bootlegger sent me these amazing jeans and I know these will be apart of many fall outfits to come. These instantly fit me like a glove and are so comfortable. These are definitely as comfortable as my beloved Mavi jeans which Bootlegger sells as well.

Jeans : Bootlegger 
Sweater : Sheinside 
Bag : Aldo
Sunglasses : Spy Optic 
Watch : Bulova
Shirt : (Value Village)
Heels : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo


  1. Sydney, this is SUCH a cute outfit!! I need to buy myself a plaid shirt, they're so trendy!

    ~Xo Sydney

    1. Thanks Sydney!
      I definitely want to stock up on some more plaid for this fall :)