Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ripped Jeans

Completely oblivious I had blue lips.

 Here is my look for today!

This is the outfit I wore the other day when I spent my day downtown Toronto shopping around Yorkville and grabbing lunch on a patio. It was such a beautiful day so the jeans were pushing it a bit, but I figured the rips gave them a summer look and was a bit breezy. I have been obsessing over Marble Slab lately, and my favourite flavour is cotton candy ice cream with bubble gum bits, nerds and marshmallows. Yes, I have the appetite of a 10 year old. I wasn't aware, as I was devouring my ice cream, that my whole mouth turned blue. Sorry for the blue ice cream/pink lipstick mouth. 

Jeans : Mavi 
Blouse : Pink Martini Collection
Necklace : Fredrick Prince 
Shoes : Aldo 
Rings : Sabo Skirt 
Sunglasses : Sabo Skirt
Diamond Ring : (Vintage)
Bag : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo

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