Monday, September 29, 2014

Mountain Lake


I got to spend this past weekend at one of my favourite places in the world. Mountain Lake in Minden is where my best friends cottage is, and I love it there. My best friends Alex and Beverley who are sisters, have been my best friends since we were in grade 1. I consider them more like my second set of sisters. Every summer growing up we were always there together, and it was the greatest place. They have a main cottage (which you will see below) where the adults sleep, and then a houseboat, where we would sleep. To make things even better they have their cousins house next door, so there was always something to do and always people to hang out with. I truly consider their family, my family. 

Ever since late high school its been hard to make it up there, with all our different schedules. I was so fortunate to head up there, on truly one of the most gorgeous weekends ever. The fall leaves are all out, which makes for the most breathtaking scenery. I dressed for fall weather, but we ended up spending most of our time in our bikinis paddle boarding. 

Main cottage.


Here are some random shots of the weekend. 
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Coat : Gap
Jeans : Mavi
Hat : Lids 
Sweater : (Value Village)

Sunglasses : SmartBuyGlasses (RayBan) 
Glasses : Ray Ban

-Sydney xo

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