Monday, September 8, 2014

The Little Things

I use to make "The Little Things" post or a "5 Things" post once a week, and suddenly stopped for some reason. I've decided to bring them back and let you see 5 little things I'm loving each week. After all, the little things are the most important things.

1. The new Porter Magazine, fresh blueberries from the market, flowers from my garden and Your Tea

2. My boyfriend and I just so happen to receive new watches on the same day. My new Daniel Wellington watch and his new Breitling watch.

3. Spending my rainy Saturday morning in an oversized sweater from Pink Martini, comfy socks and drinking lots of coffee.

4. Taking advantage of the last few warm evenings by spending it on my balcony with great food and family. (Wine, mussels and fruit)

5. Grabbing a green smoothie from one of my favourite restaurants just down the street, Rawlicious.

-Sydney xo