Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mayan Riviera Day 2

 This is a classic moment, telling my sister what to do with my camera and how to take the photos. I have a very specific way in which I envision all my photos. I love my friends and family who put up with me, and help take my photos.

The second day spent in Catalonia Royal Tulum was spent mostly by the ocean. The only other tropical area I've been to was Puerto Plata, Dominican, which was beautiful, but didn't even compare to what the beaches looked like here. I have seriously never seen such a beautiful, clear, aqua ocean before. I felt like I was in a walking travel magazine, it was picturesque. Not only did it look nice, but it was so warm, I felt like I was in a lukewarm bath the entire time. There was something so nice about the water, I felt my hair and face were glowing the entire week, although I'm sure the vitamin D probably helped in that department too. We very quickly fell into a routine that started out with the breakfast buffet when we woke up, a quick bikini change after, and alternated between the ocean and pool as our hangout for the day. We never left that area all day, because they had a lunch pizzeria beside the ocean bar and a buffet on the other side. Another added bonus was we could literally be as lazy as we wanted to. Servers would come around every 20 minutes asking for drink orders, which easily got out of hand. After the 5th daiquiri and laying out in the sun all day, we would have to quickly run over to the pizzeria for lots of water and food. 

Bathing Suit Top : Lululemon


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