Sunday, November 16, 2014

Catalonia Royal Tulum

I'm finally catching up with all my vacation posts, so stay tuned for seven more posts after this. I'm currently stuck in bed with strep for the second time in three weeks, so I decided to really do nothing but relax. Although its awful when we get sick, it is our bodies telling us to slow down. This past weekend has taught me to do that and to take advantage of my free time and catch up with the thing I love which is blogging!
Enough about my sickness and lets talk about my trip!!

My sister and I about a month and a half ago decided we wanted a little break and booked a pretty last minute trip to Mexico. My sister Morgan and I are in no way big partiers, so we figured the beautiful Mayan Riviera would be a great relaxing spot. We found the perfect small resort, on a private beach that we knew we would love, Catalonia Royal Tulum. We heard amazing reviews about the place and the ocean looked stunning (stay tuned for those photos). The first day we arrived it was at night so it was hard to feel the place out. However, we knew right away it wasn't your ordinary resort, when the path way that lead us to our rooms, was wrapped right in the middle of the jungle. We already knew the view from the balconies wasn't going to be an ocean view, but jungle view. It was a neat experience and different from what we're use to, which was nice. We got to hear all the birds and animals and hang out on the hammock attached to the balcony (more photos to come). The first morning we were too excited to even eat breakfast, we jumped in our bikinis and had to check out the pool and ocean view. Here are some shots of the pool!

Bathing Suit Top : Victoria's Secret PINK
Sunglasses : Smart Buy Glasses (RayBan)


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