Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lip Monthly

I had the opportunity to receive a Lip Monthly bag and was so excited. I'm obsessed with lipstick, so I knew I was going to enjoy this bag. For only $10 a month you receive a bag full of different products from all different brands. I love this idea, because sometimes I have a hard time straying from my favourite brands. In this bag, there are all new brands I've never tried before, and I already have some new favourites.

I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but this had a nice colour to it and wasn't too sticky, which is what I usually can't stand about lip gloss.

I've been wanting to try out some Cargo cosmetics for a while now, so I was ecstatic when I received this eye shadow. I'm not the biggest eye shadow wearer, but I love to wear a bit of black eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes at night. It gives it a nice smoky eye. I was so happy this was black, because I was in need of a new one.

I have never heard of So Susan cosmetics before and I guess this is why I'm so in love with this Lip Monthly. I'm being introduced to products I would have never tried out before. I usually don't like this type of lip wear, I find they're too glossy, or slide off your lip, or the colour isn't bold enough. As soon as I started applying this I knew it was a winner. It was the perfect consistency of thick, but slight gloss to it. The colour was not lacking one bit and lasted all day. Everything from the packaging, to the product I liked about So Susan products. 

From how much I loved the previous So Susan product, I was thrilled to find another product from the same brand in the bag. I love lip stains. I love how effortless but bold they look on your lip. You can wear it on your lips all day and not have to worry about it. Although I usually never wear the duo products on my cheeks, these are fantastic on your cheeks. Just a dab on your cheekbone for a night out.

I always love getting samples of perfumes. Obviously its a great chance to test out the perfume, before spending the money on a full size, but also great to throw in your purse incase you need a spritz of perfume throughout the day. This perfume is floral, fresh and romantic. A great day scent.

-Sydney Hoffman

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