Monday, March 30, 2015

TruSelf Organics

I was so excited to receive a TruSelf Organics package, because I've been dying to try out these products for a while now. I was lucky enough to receive the full Detox Mask Kit which looks like this ^^ when you receive it.
I couldn't wait to start, and adored that everything is handmade, and all natural. I have some pesky black heads, and bigger pores around my nose, so I was really looking forward to using this. 

I loved the extra features in the kit including the measuring spoons, mixing bowls and applicator. I used all of them, and it was super easy to wash off and place them with the rest of my skin care pieces. 

 There are a few steps to using this mask. It's not an open the jar and smear right on your face sorta mask. You must mix the detox solution with the detox mask to create the full mask and to get it the texture you need to apply to your face. 
I have read that with sensitive skin some people choose not to use the detox solution and opted to mix in water instead. Which is totally okay! 

I poured a bit of the solution in at a time, mixed and decided if the mask was at the texture I needed it to be (thin paste-like consistency). 

I started using the applicator to apply the mask to my face, but quickly just used my hands for the rest of my face. 

So heres where I went wrong the first time I used this. I quickly read to keep the mask on for 25-30 minutes or a bit less if you have sensitive skin. I thought I would keep it on for 20 minutes, because of my sensitive skin. I lost track of time between taking selfies and watching the mask transform into crackling clay. It was probably around 25 minutes by the time I removed the mask. I noticed it made my forehead red and stung a bit. 
Thats when I went back and re-read the instructions for first time users. It says the first few times you try it (especially with sensitive skin) to only keep it on for 10 minutes at a time because the solution can be a bit harsh and your skin needs to adjust to it. Stupid me.

I waited 2 more days to try it again (the proper way) and I'm in love with the results. I made sure to do it 2-3 times a week for only 10 minutes at the start and by the second time I was seeing results. Even the first time, although my forehead was a bit read, I noticed how amazing my skin felt. My skin felt like a babies bottom, my skin tone was even, pores were smaller, and by the 3rd treatment I saw any blemishes or blackheads diminishing.

Make sure to check out the full mask kit (here) plus other products from the TruSelf Organics line.

-Sydney Hoffman

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