Saturday, April 11, 2015

Total Cleanse Juice Cleanse

On Tuesday I started a 2 day juice cleanse with Total Cleanse. I've tried other cold-pressed juices before, but I've never gone on a proper juice cleanse before. I haven't been eating the greatest lately, so I was super excited to go on a juice cleanse. Two days was perfect. I just wanted something that would set me up and help me get back in the swing of healthy eating.

The whole process is so convenient with Total Cleanse. They ship anywhere in Canada. Cooler bags are dropped off at your home, each bag containing a days worth of juices. Theres even numbers on each lid to keep each juice in order. At the end of your cleanse you will receive an email from Total Cleanse to schedule a pick up for the empty coolers, and thats it.

This is what one day of juices consist of (6).

As I mentioned before, I have tried other cold-pressed juices. These Total Cleanse juices are by far, the best tasting ones I've had.

I was a bit worried about a juice cleanse, because you aren't eating or drinking any solids whats so ever. I really thought I was going to have a tough time and be dying of hunger for the 2 days. It was actually quite the opposite. I was always full. You are constantly drinking, so you always feel full. There are enough nutrients in each bottle, and I never had a hunger pain. I will admit, I did miss solid foods, but I was never starving, so that made this process so much easier. Once you get over the first day your stomach does shrink, so the second day isn't all that bad.

 I really thought I would have to sit and not move all day, or I would be taking naps because I was in need of solid food. Not at all, again, quite the opposite. Even after my first juice in the morning on day one, I noticed I had more energy, I felt light and refreshed. I wouldn't suggest doing a hardcore workout or anything, but I did do some yoga on day 2 and I was fine. When I woke up the day after I completed my cleanse, I could really see results in my stomach. My abs were a bit more formed and I felt everything bad was out of my system.

This was the perfect cleanse to get me back on track. I ended up doing the Energize Cleanse which is perfect for someone who really wants to get back to healthy eating.

I have had a number of people message me about this cleanse, so Total Cleanse would like to offer you guys a 15% off discount. Next time you order a cleanse, please use the code: SYDHOFF, and you will get your discount.

I hope this answers a lot of your questions. Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions.

-Sydney Hoffman

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