Thursday, March 17, 2016

Carlton Cannes

Boots: TOMS 

If you've been following me over on Instagram- @sydhoff3 you will know I just got back from Cannes, France. I was lucky enough to tag along with my mom and dad on a work trip and was thrilled to collaborate with a few different companies on some spring campaigns. Cannes, France was absolutely stunning and I was truly obsessed with the hotel Intercontinental Carlton Cannes that I stayed at during my France trip. Here are some shots of just how beautiful this was!!!

Sunglasses: TOMS

Dress: Bluenotes

The hotel restaurant patio.
You had the beautiful blue mediterranean, with palm trees and a mountain view on the one the historically beautiful, parisian hotel view on the other side.

Poncho Scarf: Bluenotes

Never-ending stairwell inside the hotel.

View from our adorable balcony.
Ocean front view.

Back view of the houses in the hills.

Dress: Bluenotes

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-Sydney Hoffman