Monday, March 14, 2016

Flow Water

That is the number one thing I say to people when they ask how to stay healthy, how to lose weight or how to achieve clear skin. If you know me you know I always have water in my hand. If I don't, I feel off for the entire day and will chug back water as soon as I get a hold of some.
I have absolutely fallen in love with Flow Water which is from Canada (score) and is a naturally alkaline spring water packaged in 70% renewable resources. I mean can you get a better water!? Whats even more useful is the fact that you can get your Flow Water delivered right to your door.

I don't know about you, but the first thing that I do when I wake up is drink a 500ml bottle. If I don't have water first thing in the morning I feel dizzy and nauseous. I know it's weird, but water cures everything for me.
When I head out for the day, I grab the 1000ml bottle for the day. Super easy and convenient. 

Even with my daily smoothies I love to add Flow Water and take the rest to go.

Water is truly a key ingredient to everything. I cut out all the other liquids (besides coffee and tea of course) and drink just water. You don't need anything else. Sleep, working out, and tons of water is how I stay my healthiest. I lose weight easier, maintain a positive attitude and have clearer skin with those three easy routines. Trust me, you should try it!

Pants: Lululemon || Coat: Lululemon || Sports Bra: Bluenotes || Shoes: Nike || Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Water: Flow Water ||

-Sydney Hoffman

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