Saturday, October 1, 2011

70's Flare

I am in love with this 70's style look thanks to Buffalo David Bitton. I received the most amazing clothes from them and I am in love !!! 

Jeans : Buffalo David Bitton
Shirt : Buffalo David Bitton
Purse : Value Village
Ring  Value Village
Heels : Blowfish
Hat : Winners

The jeans fit me amazingly and I always wanted to try out the new flare look and I love it!

- Sydney xo


  1. These look fantastic on you! They're such a gorgeous fit :)

    xo Samantha Grace

  2. Loving this from head to toe, the jeans and the hat are to die for!

  3. You look totally amazing in that 70's look. Your hat is adorable, love it so much. Loving your style, following. Hope you can stop by soon :)


  4. 60's and 70's fashion are the best! Cute hat.

  5. Samantha Grace - Thank you so much, the jeans and shirt fit perfectly :)

    Meredith Jessica - Thank youu I am also in love with this look. Finally got to try out this look and I am a huge fan

    Erica Marie - Thank you so much that means a lot :) Thank you for the follow, I will check out your blog now

    Dani - I agreee!! Thank you

    Jelisaveta - Thankss so much

    - Sydney xo