Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Caramel Apples

I successfully made caramel apples and boy were they delicious.
Again, very simple:
Simply bought apples, different Halloween candies and the individually wrapped caramel squares at Bulk Barn along with the sticks.
Annoyingly I individually unwrapped all the caramel squares and put them in a bowl and set them in the microwave for about 3 minutes.
While that was heating up I stuck the sticks in the apples and got my candy all set up.
Once the caramel was melted I literally took the apple and dunked it into the caramel and set it aside to then decorate.
You can decorate however way you want, but warning the caramel dries quite quickly so I was rushing to make sure all the candy would stick onto the caramel.
I love Halloween and I can't wait to show you guys my outfit tomorrow!!

I still have one other fun Halloween TREAT post I will share with you guys soon!!

- Sydney xo


  1. i love how you decorated your candy apples! yummm ^_^

  2. How many pieces of caramel squares from
    Bulk Barn did u use to coat 6 apples?
    Did u put 2tbsp of water or milk in ur caramel when u melted it in the microwave? Was the mixture thick or thin? If thick, does adding more liquid helps to thin it out?

    I zoomed in your photos & ur apples are coverved w/ just the right coating of caramel - not less or too much. For sure you didn't have a hard time slicing the apples after, right?

    Some store bought caramel apples are hard to slice probably because of the thickness caramel coating?