Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Yesterday I finally went to the pumpkin patch with my sisters! I loved going around the patch picking my favorite and then checking out the baked goods and candies they had inside.
If you are wondering where the bath tub came from..we are still wondering that too. It was so random but of course took advantage of it and took some shots in it.
I wanted to wear something representing Halloween so an orange shirt fits perfectly. It is an Hermes inspired blouse however it is from a second hand store  haha

Blouse : (Scott Barrie for Candeaux) Value Village
Nylons: (George) Walmart
Over the Knee Socks : The Bay (HUE)
Belt : Value Village
Wedges : Roberto Vianni
Coat : Kenzie
Sunglasses : Ray Ban

I will be adding more Halloween TREAT ideas throughout today so make sure you check back today!!!

- Sydney xo


  1. Love the outfit! Very cute :) <3


  2. Pretty & Pumpkiny. The Perfect Halloween Outfit!!

  3. oh you're so cute. i love the pumpking ahah.

    follow my blog if you love it. i will follow you in return. :)


  4. aww I love your coat and these pics are really nice.. in fact all your pics are really nice :) :) xx