Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lush Christmas Haul

I went to Lush a few weeks back and indulged in all the fun Lush Christmas products!
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When I checked out the Christmas Lush products, all everyone was talking about was this Snow Fairy Shower Gel I just bought a small bottle to try it and it smells so yummy and makes my skin feel oh so soft! Love it :)

The sales associates at Lush are phenomenal and starting talking about their new makeup line. I decided to try out the Independent Eyeliner and I'm glad I did! Smelled a little like paint but lasts long and the applicator is easy to use.

I heard about this natural Eyes Right Mascara which is to help soothe your eyes and not irritate them, which most regular mascaras do for me. This completely helped with soothing my eyes. I totally love it but the applicator is super small so it's only best to apply to my bottom lashes.

I decided when I went into Lush I was just going to buy all of the Christmas products and the sales associate went on about how she loved the Sandy Santa I tried it and it feels amazing, a nice little treat for your body. I always forget to use a body scrub but with my dry skin this was perfect and made my skin so soft!

 Father Christmas Bath Bomb looked like so much fun and I have never used a bath bomb. With the bath bombs, you fill your bath, then dunk this right in and watch it fizz all around letting out an amazing smell and colour throughout the tub. I was honestly like a little kid watching this thing fizz around and at first it was red then turned green with red sparkles. I was honestly sitting in a Christmas bath and I loved it

I have also always heard about their lip scrubs so I bought the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub ! I wear lipstick almost everyday and if I ever have dry lips the lipstick wont go on properly and looks awful in general. I put this on before putting my lipstick on for the day and it's fantastic. The strange/cool part is that you can eat it after you scrub it on your lips. Kinda cool but kinda strange!

I also have never used a bath melt but this was the Melting Snowman Bath Melt so I had to try it because its Christmas. I heard it was very moisturizing and you just put it in your bath and let it melt. The smell was fantastic but once I got out I must have not washed it off properly because I felt I had a thick coating on, which wasn't all that appealing. 

In my last Lush post I bought this Dream Cream Body Lotion and it is the most amazing body lotion! I ran out of my other one and started using this other lotion and it was awful, so I had to go back to the Dream Cream. Only thing that really saves me skin!

The next three products are the Bubble Bars and I'm in love with them! As much as I love the Bath Bombs and Bath Melts I do love to have a nice bubble bath, so these bubble bars are fantastic.
This is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar smells so delicious and you can get about 3 to 4 baths out of each bubble bar.

Santa's Sack Bubble Bar smells delicious but I used more then usual because the presents were harder to crumble but non the less still a great bubble bar.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is my favorite bubble bar out of the ones I bought! Love the smell so much and I didn't need to use a lot to make lots of bubbles :)

I hope all of you check out the Christmas Lush products and hopefully this has helped you decide on what to get!

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-Sydney xo


  1. I recently just discovered lush myself since I now have one in the mall where I've moved and I LOVE IT! I will be going back again soon for some face masks! Great place!

  2. love the Lush Christmas stuff sooo much! Christmas Eve bubble bar is my fave! you should try cinders, i love that bath bomb! i've never tried the dream cream but you're convincing me to!

    -ariel* xoxo