Monday, November 12, 2012

Pop of Plum

Here is my look for today!

Yesterday was my run errands/Christmas shop day, so I wanted something comfy to wear. This is what I picked and I barely needed my jacket because it was weirdly warm!

Long Shirt : Jacob
Riding Pants : Jacob
Shamballa Bracelet : Cutey
Grey Braclet : Jacob
Hat : H&M
Bag : Chanel 
Studded Bracelet : (Value Village)
Boots : Brown's (Value Village)

I'm so happy I'm partially done my Christmas shopping, even though I'm now poor :(
It will be worth it though to see everyone's faces on Christmas morning!!

-Sydney xo


  1. I love the accent on the boots and the plum hat and of course the bag! I absolutely love plum. That's a great lip color too! Which color is it?


  2. so great ! love your shoes ! and make - up <3 you look so cool !

  3. Amazing sweater!
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  4. really love your lip colour and hat, everything looks so good together!

    -ariel* xoxo