Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Weekend

My weekend was spent...

Thursday Night : Putting up my Christmas Tree 
Candy themed tree / decorations over the years that we have collected 

Friday: My dad grew up in the states so every year for the American Thanksgiving we usually do something small so instead of a turkey, we cooked up a chicken

Accompanied by Egg Nog :)

I only took advantage of one Black Friday sale which was Victoria's Secret!
Buy one Bra get the next 50% off! Plus if you spend over $65 you get a free bag and a bag of their makeup!

Angle Fantasies Bra and the Fabulous Bra are my favorite bras at Victoria's Secret

Saturday : Putting up some Christmas lights and decorations outside my house!

Cutest thing finding my cat laying under the Christmas tree

Sunday : Did a little thrift shopping with my sister

Found these adorable Christmas watches, among some other things, which you will see soon :)

Finished my weekend off with a bubble bath, fashion magazines and tea

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-Sydney xo

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  1. Your tree looks so great! I love all the candy ornaments...I am hoping to get mine up this weekend. Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things!


    The Criminally Expensive