Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Best Dressed List

I will be honest I wasn't 100% blown away by this years dresses but there were a definite few that I fell in love with and felt they really pushed the boundaries.

Here are my picks!!

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Charlize Theron in Dior

Lupita Nyong in Prada

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Cate Blanchett in Armani 

Personally the #1 best dressed should really go to....
Ellen Degeneres as Glinda the Good Witch!!!

The award show itself I thought was a lot of fun. Ellen Degeneres was an amazing host and I loved how she was in the audience a lot and working with the actors and actresses. I died at the selfie photo, along with millions of other people, hence how twitter "broke".  I loved when Ellen brought in pizza and was handing it out to everyone. You really got to see certain actor and actresses personalities and it was so out of the norm for the Oscars, which is why it was so much fun. 
Obviously like most Oscars the middle of the show can be a bit boring and drag on, but nonetheless I thought it was entertaining. 
I will point out the most devasting part of the Oscars...when Leonardo Dicaprio didn't win!!!! This man should have won numerous Oscars by now with all his amazing acting roles in numerous amazing movies. I was really hopeful for him this year. I understand Matthew McConaughey did deserve it also, but this was his first nomination, and he sorta recently became a serious actor. We all remember when he use to play all those awful romantic comedy movies. It was LEO's time!!! I'm so angry about it but one day he will get one. Or at this point he should win a lifetime achievement award with all his many amazing movies.
Regardless of Leo not winning I had an amazing night. All my family members and all our boyfriends and girlfriends were at my house and we just ate our faces off, popped some champagne, dabbled in some shirley temples. It was wonderful, although waking up at 4am with sever heart burn, wasn't so wonderful. Check out all our food in my last post (here)
I hope everyone had a great night!! Happy Oscars :)

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-Sydney xo


  1. Lupita topped my best dressed list, followed by Kate Hudson.
    I was hoping Leo would win too, Matthew McConaughey annoys me lol.

  2. Gorgeous looks last night.

  3. Ah, Cate is always so stunning in whatever she wears and that is no exception. Such a dear and lovely woman. Great post! I was rooting for Philomena as that was one of the few I saw. Thor 2 was (sadly enough) my favorite movie from last year :)

  4. Loved a lot the Lupita's dress!