Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Workout Wednesday : Meal Plan

I'm always weirdly interested in what other people are eating, so today for workout Wednesday I thought I would share with you my daily meal plan. 
I'm the type of person that could eat the same thing everyday and not get sick of it. It keeps me on track and as long as I like it, then I'm cool to eat it everyday. Anyone that knows me, knows when I go out to restaurants I usually get the same 4 things. I'm boring.

Anyways, so here is a typical weekday meal for me.

Wake up - Drink a glass of water

Breakfast : 
Greek Vanilla Yogurt (Sometimes mixed with fruit)
Fried Egg Sandwich on whole grain toast. (Sometimes I will add a slice of cheese)

Snacks : 

Lunch : 
Tuna stuffed in a whole wheat pita

Snacks :
Mixed nuts

Dinner : (Changes all the time)
Cauliflower Puff
Pasta Salad
Stir Fry
(These are some typical dinners for me ^^)

Snacks : 

As you can see I drink tons of water throughout the day, it is key for me. The only liquids I drink are tea, coffee and water. Juice is usually full of sugar and unnecessary. I will add a bit of almond milk and a wee bit of honey with my tea and coffee and thats about it.
Sometimes at around 3pm I need a pick me up and I find some peaches or greek yogurt with strawberries helps, along with an earl grey tea with honey.
I don't count my calories or anything like that, that is way too much work. I eat what I like and try to stick to being as healthy as possible. I'm truly eating something every hour but its all about portion control. I use to over eat all the time which made me feel like crap, but eating in smaller sizes keeps me on track and makes me feel way better!!
Weekends are always different because I don't have the schedule of being at work but I try to keep it healthy during the weekends too.
Obviously like everyone I do cheat and crave lots of goodies. I just keep it to small portions when cheating.

Running Shoes : Nike (Similar) 
Pants : Lululemon
Jacket : Lululemon
Sweater : Roots
Sunglasses : Ray Ban

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-Sydney xo

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