Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Roots Sweater

Here is my look for today!

Target is now officially in Canada, so of course I had to check it out and spent way to long browsing the whole place.
I purchased a few things which I will show you guys later but in honor of Target being opened in Canada, some Canadian companies we're being sold during opening week.
Roots Canada has the most amazing sweatpants and lounge wear. They actually now have fantastic clothing and handbags as well but they are most famous for their extremely comfy sweat pants and sweaters.
I am a lover of Roots and I noticed at the front they had a whole Roots section. It's also very known that Roots isn't the cheapest clothing line even if it is just lounge wear. I jumped for joy when most of the items were only $30, which is how much my sweater cost. Certain parts of Target were picked over especially the roots section. Canadians love their Roots. I fell in love with this sweater but they only had Medium and XL left. Naturally I went straight to the XL and I love the way it fits. It's the super over sized boyfriend sweater and is perfect for leggings and lounging.
I wanted to dress the sweater up a bit and pair it with a trench, metallic pants but then still keep it some what casual with some converse.

Sweater : Roots
Pants : Buffalo David Bitton
Sneakers : Converse
Trench : Vera Moda
Necklace : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)
Orange Ring : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo


  1. Yes, Roots! Canadian pride! I'm surprised I haven't seen any Targets open yet where I'm living in Toronto but fingers crossed we'll get one soon! P.S. I juuuuuuust started attempting fashion blog posts and damn, I have a whole new respect for how challenging it is. Respect. I love the sweater/chain combo. Very 90's thug of you. Haha.

  2. love the way you paired the roots shirt with this outfit! totally gives a cool vibe!

    -ariel* xoxo