Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Table Setting

As many of you know I love taking photos of what I'm eating or drinking! I'm always trying to find the proper table to take the photos. My house is full of wood tables, which I love but sometimes they don't look that lovely as a background to my photos. I'm always trying to find a white table as my background which is why I take lots of photos on my bench by my fireplace or on my bed with my white comforter. My mother being the interior designer/carpenter (she has built every window seat, shelf and cupboard in my house) decided to break apart an old silverware holder, paint it, attach some handles and create me a white tray for all of my photos.
I love it, these little things make me happy! Perfect for breakfast in bed and serving tea on my balcony in the summer. Here are some photos of my new tray with all my snacks, drinks and flowers :)

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-Sydney xo