Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My 21st Birthday

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you guys my day and what I got :)

I started my day with some breakfast in bed. This has been a tradition my dad has done with my siblings and I since we were little. Usually it would be a cupcake with a candle and chocolate milk but every year it changes and it's something I get super excited for. 
With my breakfast in bed I also received some presents as well. A new teapot and teacup!! I have been wanting a really nice teapot and teacup as I am a tea fanatic and I'm in love with these! The teapot especially reminds me of something from a Disney movie and my mom found these at Value Village.

During the day I was surprised by some friends to get pedicures and do a little bit of shopping.

I'm on the hunt to finish my summer wardrobe wishlist and the only thing left I need are shorts. I really like high waisted shorts so I was on the lookout for those. I came across a great pair at H&M and I shockingly found 3 more at Bluenotes. I never go into Bluenotes but these were so cheap I couldn't say no.

After shopping I went home and had food, cake and presents with my family :)

I always have a preference with how I would like my birthday cake. I always want something fun and pretty and that represents me. These things make me super happy so when I came across this pinterest photo of Selena Gomez with one of her cakes, I knew this was the type of cake I wanted.

My mom put her own twist on my cake and I thought it was very appropriate considering my birthday is on earth day :) This is the result!

The most hilarious/traumatizing moment for me is half way through the happy birthday song the flowers starting falling and breaking and landing in the candles. The flowers are real and I took a little bit before we sang to take some photos and after a while the candles melted the flowers so they all started falling. It was so hilarious but awful all at the same time haha
Note to self no candles or fake flowers. 

Leftover cake and table..

Now here are some of my presents :D
From my parents I got...
Hermes small purse with a removable long chain.
It also is a wallet style inside so I will probably be using this as a wallet and a long purse :)

 Cute beanie style Chanel hat
 Another teacup set
 Summery Ray Bans
 Gorgeous YSL lipstick in Extreme Coral 15

 and cute summer mason jars
 Wearing some of my gifts :)

My sister Morgan got me a water/juice mug that reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake :)

My sister Devon got me these things, plus the gorgeous flowers behind.
We decided to get each other small gifts this year but I love them nonetheless!

After cake, presents and food I went to my friends house and we watched a movie and I opened the presents they got me.
Here are all the things they got me :)

We ended up watching Billy Madison and doing our nails.

Overall I had a wonderful birthday. I'm not a huge party girl so this was my ideal day.

Sorry for the million and one photos!
Have a great day :)

-Sydney xo


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday lovely!! your breakfast in bed looked perfect with that beautiful teapot :).. that hermes purse is gorgeous!! xx

  2. Happy belated birthday! I loved looking at your photos, it looks like an absolute blast!

  3. First off, happy birthday! :D

    secondly, I love all of the shorts you picked out. I especially like the blue and white striped ones -- very summer-esque without being obnoxious. :)



  4. Oh man, I'm going to pretend you didn't say you just turned 21 and continue to not feel like an old hag. Regardless of my jealousy of your youth, I must say these are very sweet pictures and a great post. Can't wait to see how you style those shorts. Happy Birthday!

  5. Love that Hermes clutch! The color is so vibrant and fun!

    Happy 21st birthday!! :)

    Bold Subtlety

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a nice birthday, love the Chanel hat!


  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!! WOW you got some great gifts! Hello from a fellow Canadian, would love if you could check out my blog and we could potentially follow one another.
    Let me know :)