Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag!?

I decided to do a little bit of a different post and let you see a peak into my makeup bag.
I started this blog off as a beauty blog so I think I'm going to start incorporating more posts with beauty products, reviews and my favorites.

I had the worst possible makeup bag before, so I randomly found this brand new Dior makeup bag at Value Village (of course). Still on the lookout for nicer one though.

The products in my bag are usually my go to products. I try to mix some things up but I do have a lot of my beauty essentials.

This bronzer isn't too dark and doesn't make my face look cakey or "dirty". I know some bronzers can almost make your face look dirty or too tan but this creates a nice glow on my face. Considering I'm the whitest person ever, I can't have anything too dark so I just love this bronzer. The price ranges from $28, but this is the American price and I definitely paid more for mine. It lasted me years to go through my first box, so it is 100% worth the money. 

I can't say enough amazing things about this blush. It is one of the best selling blushes and there definitely is a reason why. It is such a beautiful dark peach/pink color, with a hint of shimmer/sparkle. I look glowing whenever I wear it and when the light hits my face you get to see the slight shimmer on my cheeks. I love this blush because if you want to go natural you just add a swipe to your face, but for night you can coat some more on and it looks stunning both ways. When it's on my face it literally lasts all day and sits really nicely and doesn't run or move. The price is around $32 and I just finished this blush. I have had this for yearsss and I applied it almost everyday. So worth the money and I will be going to buy myself a new one this week, and possibly another color because I just love Nars blushes.

I'm a huge liquid eyeliner fan so I have tried out different eyeliners. Usually all from Shoppers but I was the winner of a Lancome box from the lovely ChicLook Blog and this eyeliner was in the box. It was love at first sight and I love the way it applies. I can make the line big or small easily. It's super comfy to hold and maneuver in my hand and lasts all day on my eyes. Price is around $37.

I usually never wear any foundation or powder on my face. I find whenever I do it's too heavy or sticks to my dry skin. Every few months Clinique always gives out these free gift sample packages when you spend over $40. I'm always going to get my moisturizer so I always make sure I go when they are giving out their gift sets. They are genius to do this because I have found numerous items that I love from Clinique, from their samples. This being one of them. I decided to just try it out and I love it. It is now apart of my daily routine. It is light, moisturizing, evens out my skin tone and gives me a flawless face. I will definitely be buying a full size bottle when I finish this one and the price is around $33.

At first I didn't like this mascara because the handle was just way to small to apply properly to my eyes. This soon became my favorite mascara for my bottom lashes. It separates and glides through every lash. I have super long bottom lashes so this really extends them thoroughly and it's easy to apply to my bottom lashes with the small handle. Not to mention the ingredients in this mascara are great for sensitive eyes and the price ranges around $18.95. 

I apply this concealer under my eyes and on my eyelids. It brightens my eyes, lasts all day and is fantastic. I have also heard great things about Benefit's Erase Paste for under eyes, which is my next purchase. Price is around $20.

This is another sample from Clinique which I have had a few times in their sample sets! I am always trying out different mascaras all the time so I haven't ever repurchased this one, but I would highly recommend it. Gives a lot of volume and extends my lashes. I also really prefer the natural brush. Price is around $19.

These are great eye shadows, really pigmented and lasts long. These are the two eye shadows I keep in my makeup purse. I love this duo for day time and then the black eye shadow for night. To be honest I rarely wear eye shadow but I've decided to try it out some more. Prices range from $20-$35. The duo is called Strobe and the single black eye shadow is called Blackout.

I also keep a creme blush just to mix it up once and a while. I would definitely stick to the warmer months for this blush but it is fantastic and I love the color and texture on my cheeks. This is in ladyblush and the price is around $21.

I also keep random brushes, lip balms and lipsticks in my makeup bag.

I will be doing a post soon about my favorite lipsticks, so you get to see them then!

I hope this gave you guys some ideas on your next beauty purchases and please let me know what your favorite products are!!

-Sydney xo