Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach Day

In case you are all wondering, no I did not wear these wedges to the beach. I decided to jazz up the photo a bit and wear them but if I was going to some fancy beach party I would totally wear these!!
Anyways, I went to the beach today and this is what I wore (minus the wedges). I didn't want to bring my camera to the beach because last time I did I was worried about it being stolen while I was in the water and then sand got all stuck in and around it. Not so smart on my part. 
I decided to take some quick shots in my backyard before I left of my bathing suit and cover up.
This cover up I found at Value Village but is a resort cover up and it's actually from the same resort I stayed at a few years ago in Dominican, so I thought it was meant to be.
If you guys want to check out everything I brought with me today, check out my Beach Essentials post.

Wedges : Breckelle's (Stepps)
Cover up : (Value Village)
Bag : Berg (Value Village)
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
Rings : Sabo Skirt 
H Bracelet : Hermes
Bathing Suit : Victoria's Secret

-Sydney xo


  1. gorgeous!

  2. Oh, you make me want to go to the beach to tan! So sunny and relaxed

    I really love your bikini top and that bag- it's so cute!

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  4. wow, i love your outfit! looks great. love the pink in combination with the green bag.
    you have an amazing blog!

    following you now via bloglovin.
    check out my blog, too :)

    i also have a giveaway at the moment - you can win a steve madden bag in neon green!