Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Victoria's Secret PINK Body Products

My really pale friend walked into work one day and I complimented her on how tan her legs looked. She told me she had bought the Victoria's Secret PINK Luminous Body Bronzer. I instantly knew I had to get it because I am just as pale as she is. I've always been so skeptical on bronzing lotions because I always thought I'm too pale so it will end up looking like I've applied lotion or make me look orange.
When my friend walked in she truly looked like she just had a natural tan which is what I loved, I had no idea she applied a lotion.
Right after work I went over and of course bought myself some. They have a whole bunch of different scents and I went with the Warm and Cozy scent. Warning though, you honestly will majorly smell like this all day. Really strong scent and after awhile I wasn't sure I made the right decision about my scent choice. Another girl from work also went and bought a bottle and she bought it in this really coconut, summer smell and I think I would have preferred that one. Anyways, regardless the lotion was fantastic. I got so many compliments and everyone was shocked how nice my legs looked. I get made fun of all the time for how pale I am so everyone was super shocked that I actually had tanned legs. You can use this lotion all over your body but I just decided my legs because I'm always wearing skirts and shorts now. Tanned legs really do look so much nicer. When applying this lotion just make sure you really rub it in because it can be a bit streaky. Also make sure your careful around the knees and the back of the knee.
Overall fantastic lotion and if you want to have a natural tan look, then this lotion is great!

When I went to PINK they had a buy 2 for $25 deal on body products. This bronzer cost $18 so I thought I might as well pick something else up. I truly didn't really want anything else so I randomly picked this 2 in one wash and scrub lotion for the shower, in the same scent Warm and Cozy. I thought about this after and realized this lotion is full of fragrance and probably not good for my skin. I used it anyways really hoping I wouldn't have a reaction to it and successfully didn't. Again, super strong scent, I will use it up but definitely won't be repurchasing. I felt sorta dry when I got out of the shower, but then again I usually do, so this didn't moisturize me or anything.
If you don't have dry or sensitive skin and you love a nice scent, this is perfect for you.

-Sydney xo