Monday, May 20, 2013


I have been obsessing over beauty bloggers/vloggers lately and all they have been talking about is this BIODERMA gentle water cleanser. Some people can use it to just wipe makeup off your face or you can use it as a full cleanser. 
Most of the UK bloggers/vloggers loved this product and even sometimes had to go to France to pick this product up because it is a french company and is hard to find. Even American bloggers/vloggers can't find it and when they visit the UK they pick some up there too.
I figured that Canada for sure would not have this product so I didn't really try to look for it. That was until I randomly went into a Rexall pharmacy to check out their products and came across the BIODERMA line! I was so ecstatic I instantly bought the medium sized bottle for $22. There is a smaller bottle to try out and a bigger bottle also which I didn't see.
Honestly this product is fantastic. I use my Lancome makeup remover to take my eye makeup off and then I take a cotton pad and wipe the BIODERMA all over my face. Usually I do it two times, one to get my initial makeup off and then the second to get anything I missed. Then I let it dry and apply my moisturizer. No need to wash it off or apply water to the face first.
Seriously my face is smooth, flawless and it evens my skin tone out. I have been using some great moisturizers lately too which I think together gives a glow to my face but I love this product. 
I also came across the line at Shoppers drug mart, so now everyone in Canada can try this product out :)

What I like about this product also, is that I don't have to use any water and I find it's kinda fun to use it at night to see all the gunk that comes off my face from the cotton pads. (which is weirdly satisfying for me)
I also love that this is a water cleanser and is super gentle. I wouldn't suggest this for acne prone skin because I don't think it's strong enough, but if you get random break outs like me, this is great!!
Check out the BIODERMA website (here)

-Sydney xo