Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all the moms today!!

My family and I started the day like we usually do for most occasions with a homemade breakfast and treats! My sisters and I decided to make sure we got everything my mom loves, flowers, chocolate, cake and chocolate :)

Coming from a very big family we shockingly are all very close. My mom (Tracey) is super close with all of us and we literally tell her everything. I've actually had numerous friends that are shocked at the things I do tell my mom, but we're just a very open family. When we were picking out a cake for my mom we weren't sure of what to write. We thought this was appropriate...

We honestly all go to my mom for everything and she gives us the best advice. She seems to always be right about things and I actually think she is slightly psychic (not even kidding). We always joke about how she is our therapist so we felt this was a funny thank you on her cake.

I picked up my mom a candle holder at Value Village because my parents every night will light candles before they watch movies and are always looking for fun candle holders. My mom has been on the look out for a good quality Beauty&The Beast look alike candle holder. I found this one and thought it was fun and a heavy good quality candle holder. I decided I will let my mom paint it or stain it herself which is why it looks chipped. My parents honestly get so excited over picking out new candles and finding cool candle holders. Clearly where I get my excitement over the little things.

My sisters and I also picked her up some Purdy's chocolate (amazing chocolate) and movies.

I also picked up my mom's favorite Clinique moisturizer and they had a free gift set with each purchase over $31. I love their gift sets because I always find new things from Clinique I love. It's also great because it's a nice addition to her mother's day presents. 
The colour of lipstick she really liked and she already loved their foaming cleanser and mascara. I personally love the moisture surge moisturizer for myself.

My sisters also picked her up some flowers for her garden considering my backyard is like 'The Secret Garden' and a tomato plant for her vegetable garden in the backyard as well.

The day was super casual like usual in the Hoffman house with breakfast and movies all day.

Unfortunately the weather changed for the worse as it hailed, snowed and rained today. So much for the gorgeous summer weather we were having. I decided to eat all day and stay in my pajamas. I ended up getting nothing done but for a crappy day that's what you're suppose to do right!!?

-Sydney xo


  1. sounds like a lovely day! it was actually beautiful today for us, 28 degrees! loved it!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. Your mother must have really appreciated that. It's so thoughtful to get her things that you know she enjoys and also uses on a regular basis. The clinique moisturizers really are great, huh? I think I'll try one myself some time soon.

    Great posts!

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