Friday, January 3, 2014

Best Beauty Products of 2013

 I thought it would be fun to put together all my favourite beauty products of 2013. This means these products are items I used a lot throughout the year and will repurchase time and time again.

This keeps everything in place without the crunchy awful look/feeling. It's wonderful. Only downfall is the scent. I heard it was a bad scent so I bought the unfragranced one and it's still pretty awful. Pre-warning.
I never really put anything in my hair when I would get out of the shower but when it started looking stringy I thought I would try, It's a 10. I heard good things about it and it will repair dry, damaged hair, adds shine, detangles, thermal styling protection, seals and protects hair colour, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body and is a flat iron and thermal protecter. I can actually say this does that all!! It is seriously a Miracle Leave-In Product.

Everyone needs to try this. I use this as my makeup remover and my cleanser. Unless I'm breaking out I will just use this as my makeup remover then I use another cleanser. But this is pretty much my one stop shop. I use the sensitive skin version, but there are other versions you can use. It evens my skin tone, clears me of any imperfections plus is super gentle with removing my eye makeup. My eyelashes look healthier then next day after using this. I love all need to try this...
This has changed my face forever for the winter. My skin usually would have dry patches everywhere and my forehead would be flaking like crazy. This moisturizer has changed that. If I miss a night without this I get a dry patch so I know just how amazing this is working. It also evens out my skin tone and makes my skin go from dry and blah, to healthy and glowing. If you suffer with dry skin buy this, please!!
I have used this ever since I was younger and is my moms favourite too. This wasn't enough for the winter but is perfect for summer. It does the same thing as the other moisturizer but just for the warmer weather.

This has changed my life. The fragrance-free body butter is super moisturizing but also soothes my sensitive skin. Wonderful for my itchy skin for the winter and great for sun burns in the summer.
This is still moisturizing with the honey but great for my sensitive skin with it being fragrance-free. It does its job and doesn't irritate or dry my skin and I will forever buy this bar of soap.
MAC Lipstick - Riri Woo Retro Matte
I have non stop been wearing this since the Fall. I love that it's a retro matte and it looks so classy on. It stays and lasts long and makes my small lips look bigger. Not to mention the colour is show stopping.
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 09
I have grown very fond of the Kate Moss lipsticks and the matte ones are just as amazing as the regular finish like this one. This colour is what really made me fall in love with it. It's a beautiful berry colour great for any time of the year. The thing that shocked me the most is how I barely noticed this on my lips, through eating and everything and it seriously lasted me all day.
MAC Lipstick - Girl About Town
This is hands down my favourite colour that I have from my MAC lipstick collection. It was also one of my first MAC lipstick purchases. It is an Amplified Creme finish which I think is wonderful for the summer. This is my go to shade in the summer and has the perfect blend of not being too brightly pink, but not too dark berry.
 Lip Treatments
This feels like your putting cream on your lips. It's heaven for my lips and really moisturizes them nicely.
I love these EOS balms not only because of how cool they are but also for their moisturizing affects and different colours and scents. Honeydew is my favourite scent out of all of them.
 Face Makeup
This gives the perfect highlight right along my cheekbone or underneath my eyebrows. I will say I think I may like this better in the winter because my skin is whiter and the highlighter with the slight bronze in it, stands out more.
I will love this forever and ever. NARS blushes are amazing and this blush works for/with everything. If you lightly put some on or really create colour for your cheeks, it looks amazing.
What I love about this bronzer is the subtly bronze it gives to my face. Especially in the winter this is my go to bronzer. I'm super white so this gives a nice fresh glow but nothing too dark and cakey looking.
I always thought I wouldn't like creme blushes but dabbing this in the middle of your cheek instantly warms my face and wears nicely throughout the day.

This is a newer purchase for me but it's a staple in my makeup routine. I think colouring in my eyebrows a little bit can change your face for the better. I have blonde eyebrows so having some colour is nice and frames my eyes/face. 
This mascara works wonders. Lengthens, creates volume and no matter if the bottle is almost empty or not it still creates a great lash.
 Concealer and Cover-up
Amazing for under eyes and really clears the dark circles. Its also the perfect consistency of creamy but thick.
If you take a mini brush and spot this on any imperfection they will disappear. I use a mini paint brush and everything vanishes. This never leaves my side.
I use this as a foundation because I don't wear a foundation. I put this mostly on my cheek area then a tiny bit on my chin or where ever it's red. It is phenomenal, it highlights, makes my face glow and covers in a very light way.
This primer almost conceals and primes at the same time. It has a slight tint to it and takes away any pores or blackheads and makeup smoothes on so nicely with this.
I love all of these brushes, but this one is specifically my favourite. I love how affordable and amazing these brushes are. I have a hard time justifying the big price tag with most brushes even though you will have them for years, but I like the inexpensive price tag with these.
This is the only fragrance I wear and I think it's perfect for day or night. It's a very feminine, floral scent with a hint of spice. 

Some items I didn't have in my house but absolutely love and will be repurchasing soon.

I have tried numerous eyeliners and this one is amazing. I can easily make any shape, design or line for my eyes. It's a heftier price tag but mine lasted me so long so I think it's worth it.

Anytime my face is breaking out or just looks blah I put this on and it instantly freshens everything up. My complexion is clearer the next day and any redness vanishes.

Whenever I style my hair whether it be curling or straightening, my hair never holds and stays all day. This styling creme is a godsend. After getting out of the shower, I brush my hair, put this in, then blow-dry my hair and style.

I'm always on the hunt for new products, what are your favourite beauty products!?

-Sydney xo

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