Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running Errands

Here is my look for today!

This week I have been a busy bee and very preoccupied with some fun things happening in my life!!
Having my weekends off are amazing but also crappy because I have to cram everything I need to accomplish before the weekends over. Today was full of errands! Renewing my passport because I hope to get away somewhere next month. Buying a mailbox at the post office for my blog then grabbing some groceries with my mom. I finished the day off with pampering myself by getting a shellac manicure. I went with black today as I've been feeling very dark lately. I think it's all the Vampire Diaries I've been watching lately. I wish I was a vampire...
Today called for a casual outfit and here is what I put together to just run around in all day. I have missed my converse, but with all the snow it just hasn't been possible to wear these bad boys. I decided to go a little vampy/dark with my casual outfit. Sometimes I just feel amazing in an all black outfit, some vampy lips and my look is complete. I made sure to still keep warm with my Chanel beanie, because there was bitter wind out today.

Shoes : Converse
Pants : Jacob
Bag : (ValueVillage)
Hat : Chanel
Blouse : (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC - Diva

-Sydney xo


  1. Such a lovely vampire you are, dear :) Glad for that hat so you can stay warm and well and those pants are wonderful on you. Those legs are so exciting! Glad for all the happy things happening with you! xoxo

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