Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Party Dress

Here is my look for today!

I adore the colour combination of pink and navy together. Something about the two colours compliment each other so well. I went for a full navy and pink outfit, right down to my navy necklace and tights! I was going to bare the cold and take photos with just the dress but I wanted to show you a true way of me wearing this out. Yes, I'm wearing a full Pink Martini outfit, but their stunning Millicent jacket went so nicely with their dress. It's definitely not a warm winter coat, but its great as a stepping outside to and from your destination, dressy coat.

Nylons : American Apparel
Necklace : Lia Sophia
Blue Ring : Lia Sophia
Heels : Roberto Vianni (Sterling Shoes)

Lipstick : Rimmel by Kate Moss - 09

-Sydney xo


  1. You are so stunning, so chic and sweet. That skirt is such a pop of style and color as is your necklace. And the shoes are perfect with it. And you must have been so cold in that shot with the coat off, but I am so glad to see the back view without it. Thank you SO much for that shot of you amazing, exciting legs in those tights. Made my night so wonderful to see that :) You are so kind and a fashion wizard!

  2. gorgeousssss,as always!Love the necklace !

  3. Great outfit! I hope you took these pictures on one of those warmer days:) great print on the skirt

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