Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Monday : MAC Cosmetics

These are two out of the three items of MAC products I received for Christmas from my sister. I have yet to use the cleanser but these two bad boys I have and wanted to let you in on what I thought.

I have always wanted a pigment from Mac and I think the Vanilla is the perfect colour. It is great for highlighting but also mixing it with your eyeshadow. There are numerous ways you can use a pigment which is why I've always wanted one. Using it as a highlighter for your cheek bone, or under your brow. I really like it in the corner of my eyes or right under my eye to brighten. It's also great to mix in with your eyeshadow or dust some above your eyeliner, which is what I did for New Years. I initially thought the Vanilla was going to be too cold of a colour but it has a tint of gold mixed within, which warms it up completely. I really want to try a crazy pigment for special occasions, I think that would be so cool all over the eye....or awful?

I realized I have lots of peachy/darker pink colours in my makeup collection but not many light pink, daytime blush colours. I was so glad my sister ended up getting this colour for me. It gives me an airbrushed, doll look and is perfect for daytime. At night I also love to mix NARS - Orgasm blush with Well Dressed. I put Orgasm at the bottom of my cheek and then dust Well Dressed just above on the apples of my cheek, to give a nice mixture of toned down colour. The next blush colours I need to try out our plum colours!

-Sydney xo

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