Monday, February 10, 2014

Makeup Monday : OPI GelColor

Here is a quick makeup monday for you all!

I have never been a gal to go get her nails done,  I always had tons of nail polishes at home and I had fun painting my nails a new colour every week. However, the last little bit whenever I paint my nails they either chip the next day, don't dry properly or get all bubbly. I'm the type of person where I need my nails painted at all times and when I have chipped nails, it will bother me all day.
I decided to try out this shellac manicure because I heard it can last 2-3 weeks on your hands. I'm now addicted and get my nails done every 2-3 weeks. It is so worth the money for me. 
In the picture above is the new OPI gel colour. I will use whatever my manicure ladies put on, but have been super happy with the OPI one.

If you are sick and tired of chipped nails go get a shellac manicure!!!

-Sydney xo


  1. I love gel manis! I'm actually a proponent of at-home gel, which is super cheap once you get over the cost of buying the lamp. They last almost as long as the salon, and i love saving money while still looking sharp. I haven't tried OPI gels yet, but I might pick up a few fun colours soon! Check out my post on at-home gels if you wish :D

    1. I didn't even know you could do it at home, thats awesome! I will definitely check out your post and look into that! Thank you Natalie :)