Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stella & Dot Party

My friend Heather invited me to a Stella & Dot party a few weeks back and I jumped at the chance to mingle with friends while examining beautiful jewelry and accessories. 
A representative from the company comes to your home, displays samples of the jewelry and accessories and at the end of the party you get to make your order and wait for it to arrive a few days later. It really is a great way to mingle and socialize while drooling over beautiful jewelry pieces.
In the end I bought a laptop case. They have seriously stunning bags and tech accessories. I was still using this giant clutch as my laptop case, which has absolutely no padding to actually protect my laptop. Considering I bring my computer to work everyday I figured it was time to buy a proper one. I ended up ordering one and picked this design (as you can see above ^^). Whats great is the size is a 15 inch, while my computer is a 13 inch so I have room to store my cords in the case as well. 

Here is how a normal party is set up with the bags and accessories at the back. I'm so happy with my purchase and now really wanting to buy some jewelry.

You can purchase my laptop case (here)

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-Sydney xo

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