Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday : Running

Happy workout Wednesday!!!
I haven't done a post like this in a while but I've been working out like crazy lately and I wanted to keep you guys posted with what I'm up to.
I have mentioned to you before that I suffer from pretty bad anxiety...or I did. Ever since I started working out my anxiety has practically vanished. Obviously there were other key factors in helping it disappear but working out has been HUGE.
Whenever I feel angry or anxious I go right to the treadmill or run outside, and as soon as I'm finished I'm a new women. Up beat music helps a lot too and a positive mind set, but holy running has essentially saved me. 
The last couple months I've also been very angry with certain personal issues and I literally run off my anger, I love it. When I finish, my anger and anxious feeling is gone and I feel like a stronger, more positive person. 
Eating extremely healthy the last few months has also been a huge factor in all of this also. I know food affects everyone, but I've really learned just how important eating healthy is.
Not only has this been amazing for my mind but also for my body. I have never been this "fit" before and I'm so proud of myself and what I have done. I'm starting to see ab definition, my legs and butt are toned supreme and my arms are starting to actually look somewhat shapely.
I've also noticed my skin is glowing, my hair looks healthy. I've truly never felt better about myself.
Usually I will run at 8am outside, or run on my treadmill when I get home from work. I usually run for 30 minutes. Sometimes its a full run for 30 minutes, other times I run for 10 minutes, fast walk for 10 minutes etc.
I've more recently started doing squats after my run. I want a beautiful bum by summer (haha)
I started off with 50 squats with 5 pound weights in each hand and keep adding 50 every other day.
(I will have photos for you next week)

Anyways I just wanted to keep you guys up to date and I hope if there are those people out there wanting to work out or are being lazy, JUST DO really has been a life changer and I've only really been running.

Here are some inspirational photos for you and a photo of me before an 8am the snow.

I will have another post up next Wednesday for you all.

Happy running ;)

Pants : Lululemon
Long Sleeve : Lululemon (Similar)
Running Shoes : Nike (Similar)
Tank Top : Nike (Similar) 

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-Sydney xo


  1. Jeez, I can barely walk in the snow! Good for you.

  2. How wonderful to find such a useful therapy for what ails you. Happy to hear that! And you are sure right about your skin, it is radiant and healthy. Looking forward to your next pics :)

  3. awesome sneakers!

    1. Thank you Ramida! I couldn't resist pink sneakers ;)

  4. Chris - @nylonlover69 on TwitterFebruary 27, 2014 at 6:29 AM

    So cute and I love the pop of color from your shoes and that polka dotted top!