Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold Winter

Here is my look for today!

It is absolutely freezing in Toronto, -20 if you can believe it! Taking photos these past few days has definitely been a struggle, so I made sure to take out all my favourite coats. This one is especially cozy with the wool collar!
 I attempted to take some fun photos with my throwing snow. I quickly got over it because of how cold it was!!! Dreaming of warm weather....

Coat : Pink Martini
Jeans : Bootlegger
Beanie : American Apparel
Boots : Aigle Boots
Bag : Aldo

Lipstick : MAC - Riri Woo



  1. You look great with your boots, Sydney!

  2. ... especially on the last pic! Your boots are really high, and thats what makes them so charming! Thanks!