Sunday, January 4, 2015

Faux Fur Throw

Ever since I got this faux fur throw for Christmas I'm really enjoying capturing bits and pieces of my home and decor. The throw adds a cozy feel to any of my photos, which is exactly how I want to feel when its blistering cold outside.
Here are a few shots around my home/window seat featuring my faux fur throw.

Today was a gloomy day, so bright fresh flowers was something I really needed.
Candle : Bath&Body Works
Lipstick : MAC Cosmetics - Dangerous
Perfume : Chanel N 5
Necklace : J.Crew (Similar)

 I was organizing my room this morning, and thought my folded knits looked so cozy together.

Bundled in my throw on my window seat, while working on the blog.

Faux Fur Throw : Jysk 



  1. Cozy, lovely pics!!!

  2. Amazing :*