Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pink Bow


Here is my look for today!

I've been starting to feel those winter blues lately, so I've been craving different things that will hopefully brighten up this dreary winter. Simple things...like changing up my hair, adding a pink bow and a very bright outfit seemed like the perfect thing to do. I started this hair style by putting it up, ready to put it in a sock bun, but kept a chunk of hair in the back to braid it for the middle. As I kept holding my hair up, my mom helped me braid, and once she was finished I collected the braid and put it altogether in a bun. I then topped off the look with a bow to meet the braid and bun. I figured this very "cartoon" hairstyle kind of fit with my very bright, girly outfit today.

Dress : Pink Stitch 
Cardigan : Pink Martini 
Nylons : Victoria's Secret 
Bag : Aldo
Ring : Lia Sophia
Heels : (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC - Girl About Town


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