Sunday, February 26, 2012

Academy Awards Night

My family and myself are huge movie lovers. We have a wall of cabinets full of movies and in each of our rooms we have our own personalized movie collections. Every year when the Academy Awards are on, we all get so excited to watch and see who wins. Of course I also love to see celebrities and their beautiful dresses. My dad especially is the big movie buff so he makes a fun night out of it with champagne and decadent foods. This year of course he went all out yet again..

Assortment of Pickles and Mini Sausages.

 Baked Brie, Caviar with Crackers, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Assortment of Cheese and Crackers with Pate.

Bollinger Champagne, The Beach House Sparkling Wine and Henkell Trocken Champagne.

Shirley Temples (brings me back to my childhood)

Hope you guys all have a great night!!

-Sydney xo


  1. omg, that looks so delicious! enjoy your evening! :)


  2. This post made me smile, and also wish that I was a part of your clearly awesome family. Hope you enjoyed the evening!

  3. oh god...i can't see these kind of hungry nowwwwwww!!! hahahahah


  4. Lovely spread! Seems like you guys had a great evening. ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  5. Your spread looks amazing! We also had an Oscar night, but much simpler. Love the idea of fancying it up a bit though - definitely for next year!