Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Pieces of my Home

I wanted to share with you guys some little pieces around my home! I made a similiar post like this with my room (here)

My Valentine's Day flowers on my makeup table.

My cat's Dill and Lucy

More flowers around my house from Valentine's Day and such!

Little trinkets in my kitchen

Painting by my sister and other little trinkets and dishes on my kitchen shelves

Antique dishes on top of my cabinet

Mixture of things on a dresser in my family room

On top of some cabinets in my family room.

Creepy drawing my sister drew and some other little things in my bathroom

My sister took one wall in our bathroom and painted this lady from top to bottom!
This is a reflection of part of the painting through the mirror

My front hall

A photo I took for my grade 11 photography class up at my friends cottage which is in my front hall.

Part of my living room full of of drawings, old family photos and a few print work photos of my brothers for Bell and Best Buy.

More of my kitchen!

There you go guys a sneak peak into my home.
Outfit post for you guys tomorrow!

-Sydney xo


  1. cutest cat!

  2. Pretty pictures! Though, I must be cliche and say the cats are my fave. But I'm biased. I also have two black and white kitties.