Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here is my look for today!

Dress : Jacob (Which you can find here)
Purse : H&M
Shoes : Clark's
Red Leather Bracelet : Pandora
Diamond Ring : Gift
Red Flowered Ring : Ardene's

Reading week aka Spring Break is just starting and I am so jealous I'm not going away somewhere warm. My boyfriend is leaving today to go to Cancun with his buddies and I can't even describe how jealous I am.
However, I'm so beyond excited for all my friends to come home from school so we can have a full week of... drinking, hot tubing, many movie and dinner nights and whatever else we come up with.

Another suggestion to people feeling gloomy about not going away..hit up your favorite clothing store and buy all new Spring/Summer pieces ! All new collections are out and this is exactly what I plan on doing :)

PS I know some of you were wondering if my blazer from my Valentines Day (post) was still available and price and such so this is the link (here)

From now on if I can find a website link for some of my clothing pieces, I will make sure those are available for you guys. In case you were wondering about some of my latest Jacob pieces here are more links for you guys!!
Find this dress (here)

Find this dress (here)

-Sydney xo


  1. perfect for spring! also love the floral dress

  2. Man, you really need to take me shopping.

  3. i loved your blog! i'm following now :)

  4. what pretty outfits!!! love the colour blocking!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love if you check it out! It's open to Canadian residents only.


  5. Gorgeous outfit, such a lovely top and skirt! I love the bold blue!