Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Day Down by the Lake

Here is my look for today!

It was Family Day in Canada yesterday so my family and I went down to the lake to walk around. After, we cooked up some blue cheese burgers and watched a movie. I hope everyone had a wonderful family filled day.

Coat : Tan Jay (Salvation Army)
Cardigan Underneath : Nevada
Jeans : Forever21
Heeled Boots : Roberto Vianni
Purse : Gift 
Ring : (Value Village)
Sunglasses : Ray Bans

My friends are home from University and College this week so we have had a few nights out drinking, trying to forget that we never went anywhere warm this week. :(

-Sydney xo


  1. beautiful outfit, your red bag is absolutely GORGEOUS!

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    -ariel* xoxo

  2. Cute ripped jeans! I love wearing mine with my leopard leggings underneath.

  3. are u wearing tights there underneath those jeans ?

  4. I'm so loving your style, you're lovely! :)