Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Blues

Here is my look for today

Sweater : Ralph Lauren
Blouse :  Eaton Select (Value Village)
Skirt : Demanding (Winners)
Sneakers : Converse All Star
Purse : Salvation Army

Well it's that time of year again where everyone is wishing for sun and warmth and almost everyone I know are going away somewhere tropical at the end of the month. With feeling so blah lately and no outside activities a lot of us resort to food and usually unhealthy food. For me that has completely happened! I take photos of everything, especially my food. When browsing through my photos yesterday I clued in just how badly I have been eating...

Pizza with my boyfriend and his family.

Pizza with my family

Typical Miss Vickie's and Coca-Cola night watching some One Tree Hill

Late night food run with my sisters! The best poutine

Some candy, more chips and donuts

I've decided the bad food needs to stop. My parents are always pretty healthy, but I'm making the bad decisions and buying the bad food. If I stop it won't be a problem getting back to my healthy ways in my house. We never have junk in my house..unless I have bought it. I remember back in elementary school everyone getting amazing fruit roll up and fruit gushers in their lunches while I got pickles and popcorn (which is probably why I'm obsessed with those snacks to this day) anyways what I'm saying is it won't be hard to eat healthier I just need to change my mind set and actually do it.
Wish me luck..I'm currently eating a banana and drinking a tea woohoo.

-Sydney xo


  1. lindo outfit! me gustaron los colores! rica pizza! espero que lo haya pasado muy bien con tu novio! vista mi blog :)

  2. love the tie on the blouse! such an unexpected detail that pops out

  3. wow i just fell in love with your outfit! its perfect! love it! and good luck with your diet. ;) xx

  4. The bow is ADORABLE! What a lovely touch!

  5. WoW! Such a cool combo! The prepy look with a bit of grunge with the converse. Awsome!