Monday, April 28, 2014

Favourite Smoothie

Switch the canned peaches for frozen peaches.

Here is my latest, favourite smoothie mixture!!

Table spoon of coconut oil
Coconut water (way better then almond milk)
Vanilla Greek Yogurt (few spoonfuls)
1 banana
Handful of (frozen) peaches
1 or 2 kiwi's 
Dash of cinnamon
Small handful of flax seeds or chia seeds
(I also recently started putting a few table spoons of a Greens+ powder in my smoothies)

If I have other random fruit in the house, I will pile that in the smoothie too. 

I also wanted to point out the lovely customized mason jar my friend Kelsey made me, with my name on it. I love it :)


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-Sydney xo

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