Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Running Gear

So its no surprise that I get a kick out of wearing nice work out clothes. That does sound slightly wrong, as I write this, because why am I spending so much on something that I'm essentially sweating in? BUT regardless, it motivates me.
Anyways, I've been on the hunt for a windbreaker/light rain jacket to run in. I went to Sport Chek and was pretty impressed with their selection but nothing jumped out at me until I hit the sale section (how convenient). I fell in love with this Adidas one because it was light and easy to run in and also completely matched my running shoes...not to mention the price of $34 was an easy sale.

Running Shoes : Nike
Pants : Lululemon 
Tank : Nike
Jacket : Adidas 


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-Sydney xo


  1. Winners has been amazing for workout clothes lately! Loving the color of the jacket!

    1. Great suggestion Annick, I wouldn't have even thought about Winners!! Thanks :)