Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stella & Dot Carry On Bags

I haven't travelled a lot in my life but when I went on my trip to Vegas I realized I didn't have a proper carry on. The day of my trip, as I'm rummaging through all my bags, I realized they were all too small, too big, awkward shape or had a super stiff fabric (not ideal for shoving under an airplane seat). I ended up using this freebie Victoria's Secret bag. It had short straps and was super uncomfortable to lug around. It fit everything nicely, but I'm on the hunt for one I can use not only as a carry on but also one to use while on my trip. 

Stella &Dot has a specific travel accessories section and I was introduced to their carry on bags when I went to a Stella &Dot Party. The carry on bags are measured out to be the regulated carry on size and they all expand at the bottom for more room. It's perfect if you have purchased some items on your trip and you're bringing them back on the plane with you. The straps are great to throw over your shoulder and its a nice shape to stuff a laptop and many other items.  

Here are some of my favourites:

I think the elephant bag is my favourite because I figured it's a great design for all year round (plus the elephants are so cute). The other ones are a wee bit summery, although they are all beautiful. I'm having a tough time deciding, which is your favourite!!?


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-Sydney xo