Friday, November 8, 2013

Boots without Heels

Boots without Heels

ALDO black leather boots

Ivanka Trump stretch boots

Chinese Laundry above the knee boots

The past two months I have been on the hunt for boots without heels. I'm a huge fan of heels and heeled booties but being as tall as I am, heels aren't always the greatest option. I love how tall I am but when I go out with my girlfriends and I tower over everyone, it can kinda be uncomfortable. I also dated a guy that was around my height so I was always trying to come up with stylish shoe options with no heels. If i'm going to a bar I don't really want to wear my loafers, and flats I don't like to wear all the time. Sometimes I'll whip out my Converse but if we go somewhere dressier, Converse aren't the greatest option. I have finally put together some boots without heels that I would love to go out with my friends in. These would look great with jeans or some nylons paired with a dress or skirt. I love me some booties but I think over-the-knee boots are super sexy. Boots are definitely a better option for winter and I'm in love with all these options. Shockingly it was kind of hard finding stylish boots with no heels. These are a few of my favorites and I definitely think I'm going to buy the Aldo pair.

-Sydney xo

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