Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Purchases

I mentioned in my post (here) that I was on the lookout for stylish boots with no heel. I specifically needed a pair for a night out on the town with my friends. 
I decided to stop by Urban Planet because one of my best friends Alex, had these stunning booties on that I thought she spent a decent amount on. My mouth dropped when she told me Urban Planet and said they were comfortable too. They didn't have a crazy heel so I thought I should check the place out. If I'm going to buy booties to wear to a bar, they will probably get messy and destroyed so I figured if I didn't spend a lot on them I wouldn't care. I have only been to Urban Planet once before and I will be honest it's not my all time favourite store. The clothing is cheap and sometimes can be tacky. However, if you look you can find those key pieces. I found the perfect pair of stylish booties with no heels for only $30. They are even designed in gold, which will go wonderfully with my accessories. The one downfall about them is there is absolutely no grip on the bottom of the boot. I can already envision myself falling in them. I will be purchasing some grips for the bottom of the boots asap. 

You can find my boots (here)

I also picked up some $7 hats for the winter :)
You can find them (here)

Stay tuned for all my Holiday looks that I'm prepping :)

-Sydney xo

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  1. absolutely love the toques! so adorable!

    -ariel* xoxo