Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skincare Saturday : How to Beat Dry Winter Skin

As I mentioned in my last Skincare Saturday post when winter hits, my skin is awful. I have dry, sensitive skin to begin with, but when the temperature drops my skin becomes extremely dry and itchy. The more I itch the worst it gets. Every year I find certain areas of my body are worse. Last year it was my left arm and this year my right arm. It got so badly that I literally couldn't even sleep because everything was itchy. I knew I had some things to change so here are the steps I made. I changed a lot and all at the same time, so I'm not 100% which step worked better then the other. I'm pretty convinced they all worked together well, so I will stick with all these steps.
I'm happy to announce that my skin is pretty much back to being normal and I'm so thankful this all worked.

This is all natural and fragrance-free which is great for my sensitive skin. The natural honey is extremely moisturizing too to help with my dry skin. I will never buy another soap, this is wonderful and I buy 5 bars at a time. You can order online or check out their store in Uxbridge, Ontario.

This lotion is also fragrance-free and is honestly a godsend.  I will never buy another lotion ever again. This is great for my sensitive skin because the aloe soothes, cools and repairs my skin. It also is extremely moisturizing because its a body butter from The Body Shop, which are the best in my opinion. I have really seen a huge change when I get out of the shower after applying this. This soothes everything and doesn't make my skin itchy.

3. Maison Du Bois Hypoallergenic Scent-Free Laundry Cleaner
Ever since I was younger my mom never bought heavy fragranced laundry cleaner because my skin would always break out in a rash. I figured I would go completely fragrance-free to crop out anything that could be affecting my skin. I actually prefer a scent free laundry cleaner, lotion and soap because when I spritz my Dior Cherie perfume, thats the only thing that stands out.

4.Claritin Allergy Medication
I figured I might be having an allergic reaction and I usually do have allergies when the weather changes, so I take a Claritin when my skin gets really badly. Again, it seems to be working.

5. No more Hot Showers
I absolutely love to take a hot shower or bath in the winter. I'm always cold so warming up with a hot shower, then jumping into bed was always nice. However, whenever I would go in a hot tub or in a long shower I would start to get itchy. I did some research and the hot water actually strips your natural oil from your skin. And the longer you shower the worst. I now take a lukewarm shower and I try to be as quick as possible. This is another huge thing that I have noticed has helped. 
Another side note when you get out of the shower, do not completely dry off your skin with a towel. Keep it semi damp then apply moisturizer. Helps lock in more moisture.

6. No more Wool or Polyester
Every since September I've brought out all my beloved sweaters and ever since then I have had itchy skin. I have always had a wool allergy but I still want to wear my lovely sweaters that keep me warm. I now will wear a long sleeve cotton shirt or blouse underneath my sweaters, so the sweaters are not rubbing on my skin. Another huge thing that has helped.

7. Lots of Water
I've always been a huge water drinker but I have upped my intake ever since my dry skin started. The more water I drink, the more it hydrates my skin, the better for me.

8. Turn the Heat Down
A huge reason why everyone gets dry skin in the winter is because everyone turns there heat on. Dry air from the heat dries up our skin and causes dry, flaky skin. I live in an older home where we have individual heaters in each of our rooms. I have not once turned it on and have been sleeping in a freaking cold room. Waking up in the mornings can suck when your room feels like a freezer but I rather that then have dry skin. 

What has helped you get over your dry winter skin!?

-Sydney xo


  1. this post is so informative! i love it! i get really dry skin in the winter, normally a normal skin type but it just starts to flake soon as it gets below zero! body shop butters are awesome and I really like the b&bw triple moisture creams, try them if you haven't, they are awesome!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. I'm so glad this helps!!
    Ouu I will have to try out the moisture creams, thanks for letting me know Ariel :)